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DNC played Bernie Sanders like they did Hillary in 2008

With the DNC scandal coming afloat this weekend, I can see “why” most Democratic “insiders” wanted and helped Clinton to be the nominee of their party. Making sure she got the nomination in 2016, was the least they could do after the way Democratic operatives treated her and her family in 2008. I strongly believed it then and I strongly believe it now. The DNC owed it to her.

Eight years ago, Clinton was the Bernie Sanders of that primary season and was sidelined by her party. The party that she had been very loyal to since she became a Democrat, was tilted in favor of then Senator Barrack Obama. The Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of the Democratic Party in 2008, was Senator Harry Reid. Reid has since apologized to President Obama for some remarks he made as to “why” he was a better choice than Clinton, but he never apologized to Hillary for obstructing her path to the nomination. Which is no surprise why Reid is not an active participant this political season.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should apologize to Bernie Sanders supporters and the entire party during her speech at the Convention on Monday. Otherwise she has no reason to be there. Hillary however, has done nothing wrong.


GOPs tepid response gave us Donald Trump, Romney save us

Much has been said about the rise of Donald Trump; from incredulous to laughable, to “he’ll never be the GOP nominee.” And yet here we are, GOP primaries practically over, and he has clinched the nomination.

Part of the blame for the rise of Trump surely lies on the media who, in an attempt to lure viewers and revenue, gave Trump nonstop coverage of his remarks, speeches and even tweets in the name of “news.”

However, the GOP also shares the blame.

By late December, when people in the GOP finally woke up and realized that Trump just may end up being their nominee, they tried to get GOP candidates to drop out. Unfortunately for many, their egos got in the way. The GOP had an unprecedented seventeen candidates and that in itself, is far too many to try to dwindle down in a short amount of time.

The lack of seriousness taken by GOP officials was nerve wrecking and downright shameful. Many within GOP circles, including the candidates themselves, pandered to “The Donald” – hoping to gain his support, should he eventually drop out of the race. They never considered him a serious candidate and yet they themselves did not want to lose out on all of the benefits that Trump represented. Just ask the head minion, Chris Christie, who sold his soul for scraps.

When March finally came around, people had finally come to the realization that a Trump presidency was possible and they were horrified. Where were they last summer?

The Never Trump movement came late into the game. Mitt Romney finally came out and exposed Trump in the way it should have been done from the get-go. And yet, he himself refused to jump into the race as thousands of supporters and donors urged him to do so. Romney’s efforts remain fruitless.

The search for a third party candidate has been suspended. The United States has two candidates with the highest negatives in their own parties and no challenger to take them on. And while Mitt Romney has led the charge, he too has coward down at the opportunity to take on Trump.

Unlike others who have said “No, thank you” to a third-party bid, Mitt Romney really does not have an excuse. Romney has never actually been part of the political class, he is a businessman first. Four years ago it might have been a negative factor but this year, it’s an attribute. It is the outsider’s year and Romney, despite being a former Governor, has always been an outsider. Romney’s business acumen outperforms Trump’s own successes and yet not even he, is willing to take him on. What is going on?

Mitt Romney has nothing to lose and everything to gain, whether he wins the presidency or not. He will not be forever shamed or shunned in his efforts. If he chooses to run an independent bid this year, the Party will still want his support, economic or otherwise, by the next election cycle.

Everyone knows that if you want something done, you must do it yourself. Mitt Romney saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, for crying out loud!

Win or lose, Mitt Romney needs to put aside the party affiliation and put our beautiful country above himself. However number of votes he will be able to peel away from Trump, is worth it.

Mr. Romney: “When the grandkids ask ‘What did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ what are you going to say?’ ”

Regulating mezcal, tequila and talavera pottery leaves Mexicans in poverty

Cinco de Mayo is such an appropriate day to write about mezcal, but not for the reasons you might think. It is important to remember that today is not Mexican Independence Day. It is a battle that the Mexican state of Puebla won between the French forces. And while this day is celebrated as a “booze-fest” in the United States, it is largely ignored in Mexico.

The battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 makes a proposed law to regulate mezcal, a spirited drink made from agave, much more poignant. A few years ago, Mexico had the “brilliant” idea of regulating its Talavera pottery. It is largely produced in the Mexican state of Puebla, though not exclusively.

The “Denominación de Origen” for Talavera, which is authenticity based on the location where it is made, was given to Puebla. It is claimed that the clay used to make this type of pottery can only be found there, along with its historical significance. While the historical significance may be a factor, the clay used for Talavera can be found in various states in Mexico.

Other states, such as Guanajuato, make this pottery as well. However, the Mexican government has refused to certify their pottery as “talavera”. The methods used to make talavera pottery in Guanajuato are the same as those approved by the governing body for Puebla’s talavera, and the clay is just as authentic. However, because of Guanajuato’s lack of official certification, their pottery can be purchased at a fraction of the cost than those sold in Puebla.

To date, only sixteen workshops in Puebla are certified to make Talavera. Which means only those who have the money and resources to put up with Mexico’s regulating bureaucracy, get the coveted certification and a special hologram that certifies the piece’s authenticity.

Not only has this regulation marginalized impoverished communities outside of Puebla and within the state itself, but it has also made it possible for the lucky few who have the monetary means, to set up shop and place a ridiculously high commercial price on the pottery itself. Talavera pottery made in Puebla have sky-rocketed over the years.

Which brings us to the issue of mezcal and the government’s recent actions to regulate it.

Mezcal consumers understand why the Mexican government is trying to regulate the product, in much the same way that its counterpart, Tequila, is now regulated. An avid Tequila or Mezcal connoisseur would know that there are some producers of said drinks that try to market the “watered-down” version as 100% pure agave. Some add water, while others mix in corn, sugar cane or other ingredients to fill their bottles. That is an issue that the Mexican government is attempting to change, at least on paper.

While the Mexican government boasts of its thriving regulated tequila market, the altered version of the drink, is still being sold in national and international markets by some not-so-honest manufacturers. In curving pirated versions of Tequila, the regulation process has not fully worked as intended. While the governing body for the regulation of tequila may “find” a producer or two who have tried to pass off their liquor as authentic, the law itself has done little to stop it. Corruption is rampant in Mexico and a few dollars from manufacturers will keep the whole thing “hush-hush”.

Like the talavera pottery “authenticity” recognition, the Tequila approval process has largely left impoverished communities marginalized from the entire process. Only those who can afford the arduous process of obtaining the desired authenticity seal of approval, have been able to obtain it and prosper from it. The rest? Not so much.

So why then, should the outcome of the proposed mezcal industry regulation be any different than the Tequila industry?

There are eight Mexican States that have qualified for “Denominación de Origen” for mezcal (DOM). These eight states include Oaxaca, Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, San Luis Potosi and most recently, Zacatecas. And yet, even within these states, there are regions that are not included. Currently, mezcal is produced in 27 Mexican states. Those living within the 19 unrecognized states, would be most affected. Most live in indigenous communities who for centuries have distilled the spirited drink. The artisanal process is basically the same in all states that currently produce mezcal. Yet it seems that to the Mexican government, people with money and resources, are more important.

Oaxaca is obviously the mecca of mezcal and although it seems that Oaxacan producers are not in any danger of losing recognition, the “authenticity label” does not apply to some indigenous communities within the state. A region in Oaxaca that is not part of the government’s designated DOM includes the famous Sierra Juarez, where the nation’s former President, Benito Juarez, was born and raised.

Under the proposed law, NOM-199-SCFI-2015, mezcal producers who reside and produce the spirited drink outside of the DOM, will not be able to use the word “mezcal” nor include the listing of its main ingredient, agave, when marketed. Instead, they will be forced to use the irrelevant and antiquated term, komil, which does not describe the spirited drink at all.

In short, Mexico says it wants to prevent piracy but in the process, it is smashing the least fortunate of its people. Aside from government overreach, the Mexican government is once again trying to profit off the backs of its indigenous inhabitants. This cinco de Mayo, there is nothing to celebrate in Mexico. Instead, using the hashtag #SeLlamaMezcal activists want to raise awareness of Mexico’s racist and discriminatory proposition.


Neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio identify with Hispanic-Americans the GOP needs

While Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are considered Hispanics, neither one of them represent the Latino community in the United States despite a New York Times articlemisleadingly stating that these men may have the upper hand with Latinos because of it. Not only do they not represent the majority of Hispanics in the U.S. based on their political views (most are registered Democrats), but Cuban-Americans are not in the majority among Hispanics living in the United States.

While much has been said in the media that Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American Senator from Florida, is the best choice to help bring in the Latino vote, there is hardly any truth to that. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio mean nothing to 90% of U.S. Hispanic voters.

According to the last U.S. census, there are over 50 million Hispanics living in the U.S. and a whopping 60% of them, live in the West Coast. For Hispanics residing in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas (to name a few); neither Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz represent them. In fact, most Hispanic voters do not identify themselves with either one.

Of the 50+ million Hispanics living in the United States, 64 percent are of Mexican origin while only 6 percent are of Cuban descent. Clustering Hispanics into a single category is a costly mistake that the GOP may be making in shoving Marco Rubio down their throats as “one of them.”

The Republican party is eager to show that it is minority inclusive but neither Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz, both of Cuban-descent, can identify with immigrant issues affecting the Hispanic community in the country. While thousands of Mexican immigrants are being deported, Cubans are privileged and benefit from the Wet Feet, Dry Feet policy that the U.S. affords them. When Cubans arrive to the United States, however the means, they are welcome to stay and legalize their status in the country.

Meanwhile, immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America who also arrive “however the means” to the United States, are deported back to their country of origin. While Central and South Americans may have some type of temporary protection status, those from Mexico are left to fend for themselves, despite the drug violence and political persecution they may endure.

So for Ted Cruz to say “I am from a Cuban immigrant family that came here legally” is hypocritical. The same stands for Senator Rubio.

Last month, The New Yorker wrote an interesting piece regarding the current Cuban migrant crisis:

For several years now, there has been grimly regular news of waves of Latin Americans seeking refuge in the U.S., mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, where gang and drug violence have surged. At the same time, a stream of Cuban migrants has not commanded the same attention, but has revealed some of the vagaries and inconsistencies of American immigration law. Last year, forty-four thousand Cubans sought asylum in the U.S., an eighty-three-per-cent increase over the previous year. Most left out of concern that the new relations between the two countries could put an end to Cubans’ privileged immigration status, which, since 1966, has allowed them to easily obtain green cards. (The Cuban government has always objected to the American policy.)

While Marco Rubio was part of the “gang of eight” group who advocated for immigration reform in 2013, Senator Rubio quickly abandoned the bill when he received backlash for it. Had he cared about the immigrant community, he should have fought for it. Instead, he ran away from it when the going got tough and yet no one in his immediate family was affected by his decision to “cut and run” since they’re all of Cuban descent. Marco Rubio’s family already have special privileges in this country so why stay and fight for other immigrants who are less fortunate, right?

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both typical politicians, each with their own agenda, and intent on manipulating voters in order to benefit themselves, not the people they represent.

While thousands of Cuban immigrants arrive in Mexico, Central and South America daily in their attempt to reach the United States, Senators Rubio and Cruz have proposed nothing to stop the influx of Cubans from arriving and getting automatic legal status upon entering the United States, cheating their way through the legal system. However, both Senators are quick to propose “securing our borders” to stop illegal immigration from other countries. For Rubio and Cruz, Cubans are welcome while immigrants from other Latin American countries are not.

Perhaps Donald Trump said it best, “[Jeb] Bush has a better message.”

Jeb Bush may not be Hispanic (although he speaks Spanish fluently) but he understands the issues affecting Hispanic-Americans in the U.S. He governed the State of Florida with a heavy Cuban-American population, studied in Mexico and has a degree in Latin American studies. Jeb Bush’s wife is from Mexico and his children are Hispanic.

Marco Rubio hypocritically slams Ted Cruz at GOP debate

CNN’s final GOP debate of the year had fireworks throughout its 2-hour time slot on Tuesday evening. One of those sparks were between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Both young, Cuban-Americans and both vying for the GOP presidential nomination but with very different views. Marco Rubio has a more liberal agenda while Ted Cruz has earned his conservative credentials.

While Ted Cruz has soared in recent polls, Marco Rubio has suffered a slight drop as of late. Why? Because the American people now know that he has been cheating taxpayers by purposely skipping out on his day job. Potential voters find it hypocritical of Senator Rubio to question Senator Cruz’s voting record when he himself has not shown up to do what he was hired to do: represent the people of Florida. At least Senator Ted Cruz has a record.

Florida’s Sun Sentinel wrote an interesting piece detailing Marco Rubio’s voting record in the Senate this year:

“…Rubio’s voting record continues to get worse with every passing quarter. Between July and September, he missed 28 of 52 votes, or 54 percent. So far this quarter, he has missed 30 of 37 votes, or 81 percent. No matter how you look at it, his on-the-job performance is terrible.”

Marco Rubio hasn’t shown up to his Senate job because he claims to have become disenchanted with the process. Or perhaps he has a much more sinister plan? In avoiding a voting record in the Senate, he is avoiding criticism that will most likely come his way for being too liberal during the GOP vetting process. After all, he was one of the Senators in the Gang of Eight, supporting the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill.

Last month, Rubio failed to show up to vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Perhaps avoiding to compromise his position as a conservative Republican or as an “electable” candidate for the general election, depending on how he would have voted. Now, we will never know because Senator Rubio did not show up to work on that crucial day.

For Republicans, Marco Rubio is a political liability. By skipping votes and not showing up to work, Rubio is showing the American people how he plans to lead should he become president: from behind. If Senator Rubio stopped going to work because he felt disenchanted with the whole process, as he himself stated, what can Americans expect from him when he becomes disenchanted as President?

Much criticism has been darted toward Ted Cruz regarding his ambitions to run for the US presidency while still a rookie Senator. Yet the same thing should be said about Marco Rubio. Rubio has turned against the people who supported him when nobody knew or cared to know who he was. He has betrayed his friends as well as his constituents.

In addition to that, Mr. Rubio’s reckless spending habits are of grave concern. Spending taxpayer dollars because he cannot control his own spending, speaks volumes as to how well he will be able to manage the country’s expenses. If he himself lives above his means, how can Americans trust him to curb the country’s spending habits? A tell-tale sign is the $1.5 trillion dollar Child welfare tax credit that Rubio proposed with no means to pay for it. He obviously expects the American people to flip the bill like he did with the GOP credit card he indebted himself with.

Marco Rubio talks a good talk but has yet to deliver as Senator of Florida. Americans do not need another Obama Presidency and given Senator Rubio’s record, the American people can expect exactly that if he ever gets into the White House.

Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui sought her own demise

Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui thought of herself as invincible. Many of her followers believed that whatever she said was true, regardless of the facts. She and some colleagues of hers, arrogantly assumed they could blatantly use a privately-owned company’s logo and reputation as a backdrop for the newly formed website: MexicoLeaks, without the company’s consent. How wrong they were.

In the United States, Hispanic journalist, Jorge Ramos may be thought of as influential but just because some consider him as such, does not mean he is correct every time he expresses his opinion. And express himself he has, as he publicly demanded for Aristegui to be reinstated.

Aristegui’s fellow colleagues were allegedly fired from MVS Communications for illegally using the company’s logo in promoting their own project: MexicoLeaks. Aristegui demanded their return or she would not return to work. Seeking demands by threatening to leave, is not tolerated in most countries, so why should this case be the exception. Make no mistake, Jorge Ramos would have been fired from Univision had he ever used those same tactics.

MVS Communications merely accepted her resignation. However, for many months now, she and her followers are making a public storm over her own decision to resign. They claim there was a conspiracy by the current Mexican administration to get her fired.

Their reasoning? A report that she and her fired colleagues concocted regarding the Mexican President’s, Enrique Peña Nieto’s house, which they have labeled “The White House”. He and his very famous actress wife, Angelica Rivera, purchased neighboring homes and have illustriously designed it, sparing no expense it seems. Although it is a minimalistic design, costs are estimated to be about $7 million U.S Dollars. That in itself, is a lot of money to spend in one of the poorest countries in the world. But Peña Nieto’s income and most importantly, his wife’s income, merits the spending.

Detractors, including Aristegui, have denounced that they are using the country’s limited resources to build the house. However, because of Carmen Aristegui’s lack of investigation before the story was published, many were led to believe that it was the Presidents house, when in fact it was his wife’s, acquired before their marriage.

Mexican First Lady, Angelica Rivera, began her acting career at a very young age. Thanks to television contracts and retransmission consent agreements from many successful shows and telenovelas, along with sponsorships and advertisements she starred in, she was able to make the fortune she has today. Yet, many are accusing her and her husband of unfounded corruption, that Carmen Aristegui and her two journalism colleagues, seems to have made up.

There may have been some level of corruption in the granting of millionaire contracts to former associates but this is not the first time this has been done, either in Mexico or elsewhere in the world. Sure, it may not be the right thing to do but to single out an individual because of ideological differences is just plain wrong.

Many believe that leftist-leaning activists are attempting to destabilize Mexico and the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto since he took office. Last year’s excuse was the Ayotzinapa case, where 43 students went missing in the state of Guerrero. A state that is governed by the leftist opposition, PRD. Instead, supporters of the leftist party and some so-called journalists, laid the blame squarely at the current President of Mexico, who’s government and political party had nothing to do with the events that occurred in Iguala, Guerrero last year.

And now, the ping-pong issue is regarding the fired journalist, Carmen Aristegui. Many accuse the Mexican President of ordering her removal from the airwaves. Yet, it is clear that Aristegui presented her own resignation. Otherwise, MVS Communications would have had every right to fire her.

Hispanic viewers stand to gain from Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

Much has been said about the negative impact that a media merger between the top two cable operators in the country could bring. Many believe that is the reason television and cable networks are opposed to it. Or is it?

For many networks, this may translate into lower revenue for them which means more money into the pockets of consumers. For the first time, a cable operator may have potential leverage over how much consumers pay for television. For years cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been raising the alarm over fees that both cable and television networks demand of them for carriage rights.

So, what’s in it for Hispanic audiences ? A lot.

Comcast-owned, Telemundo, has been producing original programming for years. Recently, they have been slowly chipping away at Univision’s core audience and that hurts. Ten years ago, Univision was flaunting to anyone who would listen that Telemundo was no competition for them but rather its sister network, UniMas, formerly Telefutura. And while the numbers aren’t quite there yet for Telemundo, Univision knows that sooner or later, it can overtake their main network.

For starters, some of Latin America’s top talent has been acquired by Telemundo. They have managed to secure beloved talent like Aracely Arambula, Diego Schoening, Adamari Lopez, Eugenio Siller and most recently Lucero, into their circle. Telemundo discovered Latin heartthrob William Levy too. Unlike Univision, whose telenovelas and other shows tend to be acquired from Mexico’s media giant Televisa, Telemundo produces most of theirs. Should Televisa ever pull the plug on Univision, although highly unlikely, the network will surely sink. Univision has tried to produce their own telenovelas but have yet to have any real and tangible success.

Secondly, former Univision talent have been quietly slipping over to the “other” side: Ana Maria Canseco, Raul Gonzalez, Neida Sandoval and Maria Celeste Arraras, to name a few. There has also been speculation that recently fired, Rodner Figueroa, is in talks to join the Telemundo family. Whether that’s true or not, remains to be seen.

However, the firing of Rodner Figueroa does bring up the issue of lack of diversity at Univision. For anyone who has tuned into the their local Univision news station, it is evident. News anchors like Fabiola Kramsky, Felicidad Aveleyra and Leon Krauze where flown from their native countries, given work papers and a contract to work for Univision. The company did not opt to hire on-air news talent that was born and raised in the United States. Instead, they imported them from another country to represent those who grew up in the States. How is that possible? Because they can.

And yet it is no surprise that most Univision talent, do not represent the Hispanic framework of Latinos in the United States. Leon Krauze also works for the Univision-owned cable network, Fusion, which represents Latinos born and raised in the United States. But how can someone who did not grow up in the U.S., who can barely speak English, represent those that were? Perhaps because he worked for Univision’s long-time distribution partner, Televisa. In hiring its on-air talent, Univision skipped the colorful array of Hispanic-Americans who were born and raised in the U.S.

Last month’s article from NPR summed it nicely:

“NYU Professor Arlene Davila, who studies Latino media, says she’s not surprised. ‘I think that anybody who watches Univision regularly … will notice the white, white space that station historically has been,’ she says. ‘You’re not going to see Indo-Latinos, you’re not going to see Afro-Latinos.’ In fact, she says, the Univision landscape is often whiter than mainstream U.S. television.”

Comcast, on the other hand, has a record of hiring minorities of all backgrounds. Not just on their cable operating business but as part of their on-air talent. Minority participation in news and public affairs programming has been a staple trademark of the media giant.

Should the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger go through, it will be a win-win situation for all American consumers, not just Hispanics.

Oaxaca’s teachers union CNTE 22 a mixed bag of vandals, thieves and communists

If there was any doubt that the communist party has infiltrated itself into the teachers’ strike and the socialist movement currently overwhelming the state of Oaxaca, those doubts can be laid to rest.

In an open display of their Marxist agenda, Oaxaca’s teachers’ union CNTE 22 has allied itself with the extreme leftist organization. Billboards repudiating the President of Mexico’s educational reforms, have been stamped with the communist seal of approval, consisting of the hammer, sickle and five pointed star symbol all over the state of Oaxaca.

The powerful teachers’ union CNTE 22 refuses to implement the conditions set forth by the 2013 federal educational reform of Mexico’s current President, Enrique Peña Nieto. The new law minimizes the bargaining power of the teachers’ union in addition to requiring teachers and students alike to be tested for competency. More than 40% of Oaxaca’s teachers do not have the credentials required to teach. Many of them never completed high school. However, with the protection of the CNTE 22, they have managed to “teach” and remain on the payroll at taxpayers’ expense.

Last year, striking teachers refused to return to the classrooms for more than four months while still being paid. School children were left without an education in Oaxaca and many parents hired teachers from another local union to fill-in, SNTE 59. When they did, new teachers and parents from some schools discovered that their children had never been taught the Mexican national anthem.

“We don’t know the words to the Mexican anthem,” said Leticia Diego, a student, apologizing to a visitor one recent morning. About a dozen seventh-graders then shyly sang the leftist anthem, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated.” (WSJ)

The latter is a popular revolutionary cry commonly used by communist-affiliated organizations in dissident marches against the government. In addition, students were being taught guerilla tactics rather than a formal academic education in several schools in Oaxaca.

Since then, the rivalry among these two unions has escalated.

In late August, members of the CNTE 22 union, looted the building where their union rival SNTE 59 kept cases of school supplies that were ready to be given away for free to school kids. They also stole furniture, cleaning supplies and electronics from the warehouse. Inside, they had tied up and kidnapped the lawyer that represents SNTE 59 union members. All of this was done because the CNTE 22 claimed that they wanted the schools back from their rivals. Same schools that they abandoned for months when they were on strike with pay, ignoring pleas from parents to return to the classrooms to teach their children.

Earlier in the summer, members of the striking teachers’ union and the leftist social group APPO who brought about unrest to Oaxaca in 2006, vandalized the Guelaguetza Auditorium and threatened to ruin the festivities for all. The most recent act of vandalism from the CNTE 22 and its supporters was yesterday during another one of their scheduled protests.

Since the 2006 protests in Oaxaca, the CNTE 22 has cleverly used street vendors to promote their cause. Because of this, the wonderful festivities that locals and tourists enjoyed at the Zocalo during the month-long Christmas season, from the beginning of the Posadas in mid-December to the day of the Epiphany in January, are long gone.

Prior to this incident, street vendors had month-long fixed stands selling foods, handicrafts and trinkets at the Zocalo. Lights surrounded the town’s square and the ambiance was breathtaking as the three wise men were raised high above the trees, decorated in lights, welcoming everyone at the entrance of the Zocalo. Since then, you still get the lights, the nativity scene and one night with the radishes, but overall the Christmas season festivities at the Zocalo in Oaxaca City are dead.

It is a real shame that the street vendors, who are among the poorest of its residents just trying to make a living during the Christmas season, are no longer legally allowed to sell their products at the Zocalo. Everyone in Oaxaca is suffering the consequences of the CNTE 22’s current and past practices. Yet, the incompetency of the state government in failing to separate the street vendors from the teachers’ union and bring about resolution to this situation is also at fault.

The governor of Oaxaca, Gabino Cue, not only is fearful that the incidents of 2006 will resurface, but he won his position in 2010 on the platform to punish government officials of the former governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, who the CNTE 22 claims aggravated what took place against the striking union members and their socialist counterparts. After an American journalist was killed during those protests, then President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, stepped in and sent in federal forces to restore peace in Oaxaca.

The CNTE 22 claims it is defending the rights of not only its teachers but the poorest children in the country. However, if the powerful teachers’ union was really looking out for the best interest of their students, they would be in the classrooms teaching. Some schools, particularly in the rural regions of the state where the poorest children live, remain closed. Teachers have continued to be on strike with pay at taxpayer’s expense while the children of Oaxaca suffer.

Residents and parents are fed up and have pleaded for help. The general public wants to minimize the union’s powers and instill the educational reforms of the federal government in Oaxaca. Legislators have set a deadline of October 15th. Although, to ensure that peace is maintained in the state, it would be a good idea to send in federal troops as of now.

Influx of Central American illegal immigrants in the US is no accident

For the past few weeks, the U.S. has seen an influx of women and children illegally cross their borders. Many of them running away from poverty and violence in their respective Central American nations. This situation is not new.

Central America has been riddled with violence and poverty for decades. Nothing drastic has happened in Central America within the past few months that would have forced a flood of residents away from their respective homelands. However, with the promise of immigration reform by President Obama, many have been swayed to come to the United States.

Many analysts are wary that the current White House administration knew nothing about the arrival of so many immigrants. Albeit many reports over the last few months of trains overturning and hundreds of Central American immigrants killed on “La Bestia” in Mexico earlier this year, the Obama administration claims to have been taken by surprise. Or were they?

President Obama did promise to act on his famed immigration reform with or without the support of Congress. Some wonder whether this influx is a tactic by the administration in order to maneuver and force the deadlock-driven Congress to act upon immigration reform. Was this what the president meant?

What the White House administration may not have considered was that their strategy would somehow get too hard to handle, even for them. In the mists of it all, the American people would not stand by quietly.

In Murrieta, California, where a bus load of immigrants were set to arrive, many Americans were on hand protesting and blocking buses from entering their city. And it worked, if only briefly.

Americans have the right to protest and prohibit buses full of illegal immigrants from entering their towns. Since the influx began a few months ago, the federal government has authorized planes to fly non-processed immigrants to other U.S. states using taxpayer money. Many argue that those same plane rides could be used to deport them back to their country of origin.

Now the Obama administration is asking for $3.5 billion dollars to deal with this crisis that many believe was caused by this president to begin with. One only has to wonder what CIA agents have been doing in Latin America long after rebels and dictators were overthrown.

Whether its gathering intelligence information or meddling in other governments’ affairs, a CIA agent’s job is to mingle among the people. And some have speculated that spreading rumors, whether real or not, is among them. Some may be in the interests of the U.S. government, foreign governments or business investors. This strategy is especially powerful when the people are reluctant to be swayed.

In poverty-stricken countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which is where the majority of woman and children coming to the United States are from, it doesn’t take much to convince them that the US is opening their borders to them. And one false or purposeful rumor is all they need to leave everything behind, cross several borders and attempt to pursue the so-called American dream.

Congress is seeking to set conditions with the president’s proposed billion dollar immigration package, such as securing and sealing the borders. Many citizens agree that sealing the border is a necessity and conditions should be set, as it is taxpayers who will be paying the bill.

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