GOPs tepid response gave us Donald Trump, Romney save us

Much has been said about the rise of Donald Trump; from incredulous to laughable, to “he’ll never be the GOP nominee.” And yet here we are, GOP primaries practically over, and he has clinched the nomination.

Part of the blame for the rise of Trump surely lies on the media who, in an attempt to lure viewers and revenue, gave Trump nonstop coverage of his remarks, speeches and even tweets in the name of “news.”

However, the GOP also shares the blame.

By late December, when people in the GOP finally woke up and realized that Trump just may end up being their nominee, they tried to get GOP candidates to drop out. Unfortunately for many, their egos got in the way. The GOP had an unprecedented seventeen candidates and that in itself, is far too many to try to dwindle down in a short amount of time.

The lack of seriousness taken by GOP officials was nerve wrecking and downright shameful. Many within GOP circles, including the candidates themselves, pandered to “The Donald” – hoping to gain his support, should he eventually drop out of the race. They never considered him a serious candidate and yet they themselves did not want to lose out on all of the benefits that Trump represented. Just ask the head minion, Chris Christie, who sold his soul for scraps.

When March finally came around, people had finally come to the realization that a Trump presidency was possible and they were horrified. Where were they last summer?

The Never Trump movement came late into the game. Mitt Romney finally came out and exposed Trump in the way it should have been done from the get-go. And yet, he himself refused to jump into the race as thousands of supporters and donors urged him to do so. Romney’s efforts remain fruitless.

The search for a third party candidate has been suspended. The United States has two candidates with the highest negatives in their own parties and no challenger to take them on. And while Mitt Romney has led the charge, he too has coward down at the opportunity to take on Trump.

Unlike others who have said “No, thank you” to a third-party bid, Mitt Romney really does not have an excuse. Romney has never actually been part of the political class, he is a businessman first. Four years ago it might have been a negative factor but this year, it’s an attribute. It is the outsider’s year and Romney, despite being a former Governor, has always been an outsider. Romney’s business acumen outperforms Trump’s own successes and yet not even he, is willing to take him on. What is going on?

Mitt Romney has nothing to lose and everything to gain, whether he wins the presidency or not. He will not be forever shamed or shunned in his efforts. If he chooses to run an independent bid this year, the Party will still want his support, economic or otherwise, by the next election cycle.

Everyone knows that if you want something done, you must do it yourself. Mitt Romney saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, for crying out loud!

Win or lose, Mitt Romney needs to put aside the party affiliation and put our beautiful country above himself. However number of votes he will be able to peel away from Trump, is worth it.

Mr. Romney: “When the grandkids ask ‘What did you do to stop Donald Trump?’ what are you going to say?’ ”

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