DNC played Bernie Sanders like they did Hillary in 2008

With the DNC scandal coming afloat this weekend, I can see “why” most Democratic “insiders” wanted and helped Clinton to be the nominee of their party. Making sure she got the nomination in 2016, was the least they could do after the way Democratic operatives treated her and her family in 2008. I strongly believed it then and I strongly believe it now. The DNC owed it to her.

Eight years ago, Clinton was the Bernie Sanders of that primary season and was sidelined by her party. The party that she had been very loyal to since she became a Democrat, was tilted in favor of then Senator Barrack Obama. The Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of the Democratic Party in 2008, was Senator Harry Reid. Reid has since apologized to President Obama for some remarks he made as to “why” he was a better choice than Clinton, but he never apologized to Hillary for obstructing her path to the nomination. Which is no surprise why Reid is not an active participant this political season.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should apologize to Bernie Sanders supporters and the entire party during her speech at the Convention on Monday. Otherwise she has no reason to be there. Hillary however, has done nothing wrong.


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