Mitt Romney not chosen as Trump’s Secretary of State is for the best

Let’s be honest, we all knew Mitt Romney would never be chosen as Trump’s Secretary of State.  Trump did it all for show. His own “Political Apprentice” playing out in front of the American people.  For “The Donald” it is all about the show.  And like all dictators, Trump wants loyalty towards him, not the country.

For those of us who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 and actually wrote him in this year because Hillary and Trump were not acceptable, it is a sigh of relief that Romney was not chosen as Secretary of State. We are glad that Romney will not be subjected to the bidding of Trump and his minions because surely, they would like him to pay dearly.  And yet we all knew, this was just another Trump show. One of Donald Trump’s top minions, Michelle Malkin, said this week that their inner circle theme was, “NeverTrump means never hired.”

Memes on Twitter blasted Romney for having dinner with Trump and “selling his soul to the devil” that evening but it clearly was the other way around. You see, it was in Donald Trump’s best interest to make it seem as though he was playing nice.  We all know Trump’s vindictive personality and this was no exception.  The problem for Trump is that HE called Romney, not the other way around.  And it was HE who paid for dinner that night, not Romney.   In other words, it is Donald Trump who has been sucking up to Mitt Romney this entire time.

Trump is like the kid who is trying to fit in by bullying others to do his bidding or making it appear as though they are. However, in doing so, Trump is exposing his own insecurities.  Romney has not done his bidding.  As the noble public servant that he is, Mitt Romney will serve if called upon to do so for his country.  Unlike his egomaniac counterpart, Trump.

And as elusive as it sounds, some of us are still hoping that the electoral college wll Dump Trump in favor of an alternative Republican candidate or at least, that he will be a one-term president only.


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