About GabsterWorld


GabsterWorld is a news blog created by Gabriela Guzman. It depicts the writings and ideas of the creator.  It is not meant to offend anyone or their views, so please consider this when leaving a comment.

Gabi is a native of Southern California and has lived in Los Angeles her entire life. She has an undergraduate degree in History and earned her MBA in Business Administration. She has more than 14 years of experience in the cable and television industries.

Shw was once a Conservative Democrat but changed her party affiliation to registered Republican in 1991.  A moderate Republican, but a Republican nonetheless. And although most conservative republicans may not share her views, what makes her different is her Mexican-American background and the struggles she has encountered within her community.

Unlike most Latinos who are stereotyped in television and movies as born and raised in East L.A., Gabi was born on the West-side of Los Angeles.  A vibrant immigrant community that she feels is often neglected and ignored by “Hollywood” and politicians alike.

Gabsterworld.com was created in 2011.